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Wicked Smoke Shop encompasses the world’s best glass designers, liquid juice brands, and vapor accessories to elevate your game to the next level.


Glass Designers

From Diamond Glass, HiSi Glass, to Roor, we carry some of the most recognizable glass designer brands in the market today. If you're looking for high quality glass, rest assured.

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Vapor Liquids

We have an expansive selection of vapor juices for the most curious and selective vapor connoisseurs out there.

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Vapor accessories

If you're looking for a specific mod or vapor accessory, we most likely carry it. Our store offers a large collection of variety and quality brands.


Beautiful design with exceptional functionality


HiSi Glass is a family owned business in Northern California with over 40 years of experience developing and blowing technical tight-tolerance functional glass. Our mission is to offer a more scientific approach to the smoking and vaporizing experience with the intention to reduce health risks associated with inhaling hot, dry smoke or vapor. Our unique percolator designs maximize cooling and moisture conditioning for the ultimate in smoke and vapor delivery. We design our tubes and bubblers not only for optimized cooling and moisture conditioning, but also easy draw and durability. Get HiSi and enjoy the smoothest and fullest inhalations possible.

  • Clean Scientific Aesthetics

  • Optimized Functional Value

  • Max Diffusion without Drag

  • No-Hype Heft and Durability


 Hi Si Glass Campbell CA
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High quality, precision cut glass with diamond clarity.


Diamond Glass provides high quality, precision cut glass with diamond clarity. Based in Southern California, Diamond Glass encompasses American manufacturing and American glassblowers to create some of the most exquisite water pipes and dab rigs. Diamond's craftsmanship is top-notch and will be sure to impress.


 Smoke Shop Campbell CA
 Smoke Shop Campbell CA
 Smoke Shop Campbell CA

Glass pipes from RooR offer a premium smoking experience. 


As a four-time High Times Cup Winner, Roor is one of the most recognizable glass brands in the world. As early as in the mid-90s, Martin Birzle devoted himself to the creation of glass pipes. His expertise in the craftsmanship of glassblowing combines with his credo, never to manufacture mass products, but to create art objects. His philosophy: highest quality and best functionality with individual and appealing design.

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One of the most loved lines in the vape community.


Naked 100 Ejuice has quickly become one of the most loved lines in the vape community. The quality of this liquid is immediately apparent when you taste any of their delectable flavors. From iconic and familiar tastes, to complex and exotic, this line leaves nothing to be desired. So, fill up your tank with any of the eliquids this brand offers, it will surely be love at first vape.



Named the "gold standard" and still the preferred vaporizer for studies.


With its release in 2000, the VOLCANO Vaporizer made by STORZ & BICKEL revolutionized the market and continues to be known as the pioneer of vaporizers. In 2014, The CRAFTY and MIGHTY vaporizers, STORZ & BICKEL's first battery-powered devices enter the market at the same time. They are the most powerful vaporizers of their kind and also the world's first vaporizers with vibration alarm, cooling unit with flipable mouthpiece and, in the case of the CRAFTY, with Bluetooth and app control using a smartphone.